Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSD’s) represent approximately one third of workers’ compensation costs in the United States. MSD’s are widespread and costly to the health care system as well as to a company’s workman’s compensation premiums. Estimates range between $1 – $3 saved for every dollar spent on an ergonomic program. It has been shown that preventative ergonomic interventions such as ergonomic assessments, workstation modifications, and education can reduce work related injuries, decrease absenteeism and can help maximize productivity.

Workplace Screenings/ Ergo Checks (15-20 mins) This assessment is a brief evaluation with on-the-spot recommendations and modifications for each employee. This is recommended when upgrading office equipment, relocating to a new space, or in addition to a lecture or new hire orientation. These screenings are most appropriate for non-symptomatic or low-risk employees. (minimum of 4 per visit)

On-Site Workplace Evaluation (45 mins – 1 hour) This is a baseline evaluation of the existing work environment with an on-site assessment of current risk factors. Photo images of the employee are taken at the workstation. Immediate adjustments may be implemented using existing equipment, if able. A detailed written report summarizing postural observations and equipment challenges as well as a recommended improvement strategy will be issued. This can be used as a preventative assessment or for employees with current ergonomic issues

Post Assessment Re-Check (30 mins) This assessment is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the modifications that were completed. This will ensure safe and appropriate use of ergonomic equipment. A final report is completed of pre- and post-changes which highlights areas of improvement, employee feedback, and further recommendations as necessary. On-going support is provided as needed.

Workplace Lecture/Training (60 mins) This is to provide employees with onsite ergonomic awareness training. The goal is to improve the employees’ understanding of common risk factors in order to affect change. Basic ergonomic principles such as neutral posture while sitting/and or standing at a desk, stages of injury, rest breaks and appropriate stretching are discussed during training.

New Employee Orientation (45 – 60 mins) We can be part of your orientation process by educating new employees on the importance of ergonomics in the workplace. We will instruct them in proper sitting and/ or standing posture; educate them on how to correctly adjust their chair; and the proper placement for all other equipment at their workstation which is a key component to avoiding strain or injury.

Our company is compliant with OSHA forms and standards. We strive to work within your company’s budget to achieve the best possible outcome.